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A worldwide network

The STIHL Group’s roots lie in Germany, where it now has eight locations. But the Group also has an international presence with production companies on four continents: an overview.


Diverse success
15 years of STIHL in China
Asiatische Person in der Produktion
Asiatische Person in der Produktion

STIHL Qingdao opens its first production location in China.


product units have been produced at STIHL Qingdao so far.


employees currently work in the company’s 65,000 square meters of production and office space.


This hedge trimmer is produced in Qingdao specifically for the Asian market. It is primarily used for harvesting tea.


A flourishing future
Growing success in the south of Brazil
Person mit Laubbläser, Palmen im Hintergrund
A perfect place
STIHL Ferramentas Motorizadas has won several awards as one of Brazil’s best employers. The São Leopoldo location is a standout for its positive working environment in particular.

was the year STIHL expanded with the start of operations at its first international production company, in Brazil.

Illustration Money

Million Euros was invested in São Leopoldo in facilities for research and development.


of all cylinders installed in STIHL products come from Brazil.

Person mit Laubbläser, Palmen im Hintergrund


Getting down to work in the garden
Expertise from STIHL Tirol
Europäische Person in der Produktion
Europäische Person in der Produktion

VIKING GmbH founded – the Langkampfen company has been part of the STIHL Group since 1992. VIKING products have been marketed exclusively under the STIHL brand by STIHL Tirol GmbH since 2019.


Employees work at STIHL Tirol.


models of ground-supported outdoor power equipment make up the STIHL range. STIHL Tirol is the center of expertise within the STIHL Group for lawn mowers, robotic mowers, ride-on mowers, and shredders. The Langkampfen company also assembles numerous handheld battery-powered products.


square meters is the area of the iMOW test space on the roof at STIHL Tirol.


Precision, tooth by tooth
The Swiss chain plants
Hütte in den schweizer Alpen

More than


saw chain types are produced at the chain plants in Switzerland. That means STIHL customers have the right equipment for any application.


employees work at the Wil and Bronschhofen plants.


Production company founded.

Illustration bolt

Small but vital: rivets hold the saw chain together. To make the chains as durable as possible, every single rivet is induction heated to harden it.

Hütte in den schweizer Alpen

United States

Real People – STIHL People
At home in the largest market
Leuchttürme am Strand
Leuchttürme am Strand

STIHL Inc. founded in Virginia Beach. Today, it is the largest production company within the STIHL Group.


million kilograms of granulate are used in plastic production each year.


seconds and the STIHL 4180 fuel tank is molded, welded, assembled, and checked to make sure it is properly sealed, all inside an automated unit.


employees work at the Virginia Beach company.


The roots of success
STIHL founding company in Germany

Company founded in Cannstatt under the name Ingenieurbüro A. Stihl.

Illustration Bauteil

The STIHL founding company in Germany makes gasoline-powered tools for professional users. A separate battery pack production unit began operating in Waiblingen in 2018. This is one way the company is underpinning its efforts to manufacture top-of-the-line technology, including for battery products.


employees make up the staff of the eight locations falling within the German founding company.


components leave the STIHL magnesium die casting plant in Weinsheim each year.



The plant in Qingdao, China, is the second largest production site within the STIHL Group and covers a wide range of products: In addition to chainsaws, the plant manufacturers brush cutters and hedge trimmers for the global market. Also in Asia, the STIHL subsidiary ZAMA has plants in China, Hong Kong, Japan and the Philippines.


In the beginning, only assembly work was carried out in the first STIHL production facility abroad. Today, the majority of all cylinders used in STIHL products are manufactured in São Leopoldo.


The Austrian subsidiary STIHL Tirol is based in Langkampfen. In addition to battery-powered products, it mainly manufactures ground-supported outdoor power equipment such as lawn mowers and robotic mowers.


Swiss products enjoy a high reputation worldwide and are known for their quality. This also applies to the STIHL saw chains manufactured in Wil. They are the key for a high cutting performance of the chainsaws.


Plant 2 in Waiblingen-Neustadt stands for state-of-the-art equipment and elaborated manufacturing processes. Among other things, all types of guide bars as well as many plastic parts such as handles or covers are manufactured at the headquarters.


At its smallest production site in Wiechs am Randen, STIHL not only manufactures electric saws, but also disc guards for cut-off machines, aluminum handlebars for chainsaws and power tools as well as brush knives for brush cutters.


In order to meet its own high quality standards, STIHL opened a magnesium die casting plant in Weinsheim in 1971. Today, this is considered one of the largest and most modern of its kind in Europe. The expertise of the plant in the Eifel region is now also appreciated by other industries.


A special feature of plant 6 in Germany is the training center. This is where the STIHL employees of tomorrow learn basic skills. In addition, production also takes place at the plant in Waiblingen, with the focus here on the assembly of special products such as the special harvester SP 92 TC-E, which is used for olive harvesting, among other things.


When the Virginia Beach plant opened in 1974, only one type of chainsaw was assembled there. Today, more than 275 model variants, bars and numerous plastic parts are manufactured at the STIHL Group's largest production site.