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Many years of planning, project work, and construction lie behind STIHL Plant 1. The result is the STIHL Brand World, which has now opened its doors. The project was a true labor of love for many people at the company – one that has culminated in a flagship dedicated to our history, innovation, vision, guests, and employees.


The ARCHITECTURE of the STIHL Brand World is impressive in several respects. The complex radiates strength and power, yet fits perfectly into the setting provided by the forest and the Rems River. The FACADE, which is made of aluminum with a special triple coating, creates an ever-changing play of colors, depending on the light and the weather. Structurally, the entire building is supported by just one staircase and two concrete slabs, which carry the entire weight of the roof and facade and enable a very open ground floor with no columns.


LEVELS invite you to take a 90-minute tour.


The tour of the Brand World begins at the top on LEVEL 2, “Vision.” The focus here is on Andreas Stihl’s idea of bringing the saw to the tree, not the other way around. In addition to historical aspects and exhibits, the time frame stretches to the present and covers things that are relevant to STIHL right now.

One floor below, on LEVEL 1, STIHL showcases its technical innovations, provides an interactive insight into production, and displays a selection of products from its diverse portfolio.

1600 M2



The tour through the STIHL Brand World is rounded off in style by the exhibition on the GROUND FLOOR. In addition to the BRAND WORLD CAFÉ and the large BRAND STORE visitors can discover both the interactive TIMBERSPORTS® area and the “Forest Fascination” exhibition.

The extensive FOREST AND FORESTRY EXHIBITION is divided into six sections and offers a knowledge platform for all ages and areas of interest. The subjects covered include the forest ecosystem, old-growth forests, sustainable forestry, and the forest of the future. The exhibition was created in collaboration with experts from the fields of environmental science and forestry.

More than 30 short films made exclusively for the STIHL Brand World provide fascinating insights into the practice of forestry, current research projects, and many other aspects relating to “Forest Fascination.”

For Sarah Gewert, Executive Board Member for Marketing and Sales, the STIHL Brand World is much more than just a new building. It’s a real passion project that has finally become a reality after many years of planning and construction.

»A vision that has become reality«

Ms. Gewert, what do you think the Brand World means for STIHL? Does its location on the site of Plant 1 – the nucleus of the STIHL Group – have a particular significance?

Sarah Gewert Plant 1 has had a special significance for both STIHL and the Stihl family for decades. Many groups of dealers paid us a visit at our previous small museum. However, our vision was to make it possible for guests and visitors to get a feel for the brand in its entirety.

The Brand World, which is located in the middle of an environmentally protected area, provides a home for our brand and can be experienced in all its facets and with all your senses. It’s a place where we want to show our employees, authorized dealers, and the general public that STIHL is much more than chainsaws.

Why is it important for STIHL to invest in the brand?

Gewert Today, customers don’t just buy a product. They also want to know what’s behind it. Apart from quality and innovative power, our strong points are also our point of view, the feelings people associate with us, and the purchasing experience. Especially in fiercely competitive market environments, a brand builds trust. In doing so, it guides consumers when they need to make complex purchasing decisions. STIHL has become a real “love brand.”

»We are the global market leader. The Brand World is an expression of this self-confidence and pride.«
Sarah Gewert
Executive Board Member for Marketing and Sales

Looking internally, what is the significance of the STIHL Brand World for employees?

Gewert The Brand World is a place for all employees to see and experience the big picture, the reason why STIHL does what it does – regardless of the area they work in and how long they have been working within the Group.

All employees across the STIHL Group are brand ambassadors, both internally and externally. I believe that the Brand World plays a big role in creating a sense of identity. This building brings together everything we stand for and what makes us so unique as a brand. The opportunity to experience STIHL in a much wider context than your own job or product portfolio will definitely increase people’s pride in working at STIHL and further strengthen their emotional bond. It’s a place we can proudly show to our families, children, parents, siblings, or friends.

What role does the Brand World play externally?

Gewert A huge and very diverse one. It lets us give our colleagues from all over the world a very special experience when they are in Germany. The same applies to our authorized dealers. The Brand World is our face to the public. The teams there play their part in the Group’s success and are very close to our products and our customers. The Brand World is a source of motivation and inspiration for them too.

We also want the Brand World to be a magnet for existing fans and to make new ones by opening its doors to everyone. I believe that the Brand World has the potential to become a destination in the region where people enjoy spending time and want to visit again and again.

Ultimately, we have designed the brand experience in such a way that people of any age group with different interests can take something from it. When people leave the Brand World, they will ideally have learned something and have been inspired.

Thank you for talking to us!

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