Farewell to
two stalwarts

For the STIHL Group, 2022 was not just another turbulent year. It was also one marked by farewells and big changes — especially on the Executive Board. The retirement of STIHL’s long-serving Chairman of the Executive Board, Dr. Bertram Kandziora, in February was followed by that of Karl Angler, Executive Board member for Finance, at the end of July, and Norbert Pick, Executive Board member for Marketing and Sales, at the end of the year.

STIHL has always stood for longevity and reliability. That applies both to its products and the business as a whole. So it is rather unusual when three Executive Board members embark upon their well-earned retirement within the space of a year. Following the departure of Dr. Bertram Kandziora, who steered the fortunes of the company for over 20 years as Chairman of the Executive Board, the end of July saw Karl Angler draw to a close a career spanning 42 years, more than 20 of which were at STIHL. After joining STIHL Inc. at Virginia Beach, where he earned accolades such as CFO of the Year in 2011, Angler followed the call of the founding company, becoming Executive Board member for Finance, Controlling, Information Systems, and Service in 2012. “I am very grateful to have worked with you all in such a spirit of trust for so many years, and to have had the opportunity to contribute to the company’s success,” Angler said at his farewell party. He plans to spend the next chapter of his life traveling the world in his RV. His first trips took him to the Baltic coast and Norway.

»I am grateful,
wistful, and a little proud.«
Karl Angler
2022 — After many years together, Angler and his assistant Sonja Koch ended their working relationship on July 31.
2021 — Karl Angler and his direct reports take in their surroundings at a workshop hosted by STIHL Tirol.
2016 — STIHL Executive Board members man the beer taps at a company party marking the 90th anniversary of the founding company in Waiblingen.

As he begins his retirement, Norbert Pick can also look back on more than 20 years at STIHL, which started when he became Managing Director of the STIHL distribution center in Dieburg in 2002. The fact that he enthusiastically accepted this position was partly due to the persuasiveness of Hans Peter Stihl. By the time he had spoken to the Honorary Chairman of the STIHL Supervisory Board and Advisory Board, Pick’s mind was made up: “I definitely wanted to join STIHL.” After ten years in Dieburg, he moved to Waiblingen and was appointed Executive Board member for Marketing and Sales on July 1, 2012. Looking back on his time at STIHL, Pick remarked that a lot has changed. “I am leaving a global group of companies that is well positioned and will successfully master the transformation being driven by the rising use of battery-powered products.” Like his colleague, Pick will also begin his retirement by spending time traveling. He’s planning a tour with one of his vintage tractors that will take him in the direction of Portugal.

»I leave behind a strong and emotional brand.«
Norbert Pick
Pick is a motorcycle enthusiast and collects vintage tractors.
2014 — Pick at the Christmas party with his long-standing assistant Silke Gärtner-Janot.
2009 — In his role as Managing Director of STIHL’s German distribution center in Dieburg, Norbert Pick celebrates the 40th anniversary of the company and the opening of the new logistics center with Hans Peter Stihl and others.

The end of one era marks the beginning of another, with both men handing over their positions to women: Karl Angler is succeeded by Ingrid Jägerin as Executive Board member for Finance, and Norbert Pick by Sarah Gewert, the new Executive Board member for Marketing and Sales.

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High-tech colleague

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